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The Center is conveniently located at 870 Market Street, two blocks south of Union Square, across the street from The San Francisco Shopping Centre.

If you’re taking public transportation, get off at the Powell Street Station.

If you’re driving, the closest garage is on O’Farrell Street across from Macy’s®.

After parking, take the stairway or elevator down to the Ellis Street exit. The Flood’s building’s rear entrance is across the street at 71 Ellis Street.

Take your ticket with you since you’ll need to pay before you go to your car. Parking is about $2.50 to $3.00 an hour.

The two next closest parking garages are the underground garage beneath Union Square and the multi-level garage on Mission Street between 4th and 5th Streets.



Call 415-781-1500.


The Flood Building is San Francisco’s premiere location for practitioners of alternative and non-traditional therapies

Text Box: A place for change, healing & personal growth.

Contact & Location