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Hypnotherapy by Telephone

For some people or under certain circumstances, hypnotherapy sessions by telephone may be an ideal option.

All telephone appointments, including the initial consultation, must be paid for in advance.

The fastest and easiest way to pay for sessions is through this website. To make a purchase, go to the Appointments page, select the credit card image near the bottom of the page, and follow the instructions from there.

Would You Like to Schedule an Appointment?

If you’re interested in hypnotherapy sessions by telephone, please call 415-781-1500. Once we’ve had a chance to speak in person, you will be given further instructions.

If we both agree to proceed, you will be given a special security code. Do not attempt to purchase services without this code as un-coded transactions are subject to forfeiture.  

All clients are required to complete an initial, one-hour consultation prior to engaging in hypnotherapy. Fees for telephone sessions are the same as regular office visits.

As soon as payment has been confirmed, an appointment can be scheduled. At the scheduled time, the telephone number the client provides will be called. There is no additional charge for clients outside the 415 Area Code.

Clients are responsible for answering the call at the scheduled appointment time. If the number provided is busy, or if there is no answer and no message capability, a second call will be made about 5 minutes later.

Missed appointments and appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance are charged at the full, individual session fee.

Special Requirements

Because constant, two-way communication is essential, a telephone headset with an earpiece and microphone is required for all telephone hypnotherapy sessions.

Clients must also be able to control their environment to prevent interruptions and ensure privacy. Clients with Call Waiting© must disable that feature or agree (and be able) to ignore any incoming calls while the session is in progress. Your telephone provider can explain how.

After completing the initial consultation, clients receive a written agreement and disclosure. Once these documents have been signed and returned, clients may pay for and schedule their first telephone hypnotherapy session.


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