Common Uses for Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy can help you change and improve just about any behavior, perception, or point of view. Eliminating a destructive habit, changing the way you respond to stress, and increasing your self-esteem or self-confidence are just a few things you can do with hypnosisóquickly, easily, and inexpensively.

Many different hypnotic techniques and methods combine to provide clients with the most effective approach for their specific goals. For those without clear objectives, an INTERNAL INVENTORY is an enjoyable and easy way to discover not only what you need but what you really want as well.

A comprehensive WEIGHT RELEASE program targets clients at three different levels based on weight retention history and total excess body fat. An in-depth process that begins in the pastóthe very point in time when the unconscious decision was made to begin retaining excess weightómeans no more diets and no boring exercise routines ever again.


Text Box: A place for change, healing & personal growth.

If you can conceive it, you can achieve itóhypnosis lets you turn your imagination into real accomplishments.

An effective SMOKING CESSATION program uses guided imagery, behavior modification, and instruction in self-hypnosis to help you become smoke-free in just two weeks. Three months later, you return for a free follow-up session to make sure you stay that way.

Hypnotherapy is also effective for...

 Stopping compulsive behaviors

 Overcoming fears and anxiety

 Eliminating bad habits

 Getting a better quality of sleep

 Managing stress. Improving concentration

 Learning how to focus and retain important information

 Understanding a recurring or puzzling dream

 Recalling a past event and changing it to how it should have been

 Improving an existing relationship or finding a new, fulfilling one

 Enjoying a more satisfying sex life

 Learning to relax and de-stress

Itís easier to come up with things you canít accomplish with hypnosis than† it is to list everything you can. If you have an issue, problem, or concern you donít see here, or if you just want to learn more, please call 415-781-1500.