Medical Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

When hypnosis is used therapeutically to effect positive change or improve quality of life, it becomes hypnotherapy.

When it’s used to help the mind or body heal, improve health, or alleviate the symptoms of a medical condition, it is called Medical Hypnosis.

Medical conditions that respond best to hypnosis are usually dysautonomic in origin. That is, they are conditions that result from a dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, the part of the brain that controls bodily functions such as digestion, heart beat, and internal temperature.

Although the body and brain normally work together in a predictable way to accomplish these tasks, for a variety of reasons, one day it all seems to go “out of synch.”

What your body once did easily and automatically, it can be taught to do again.


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Personalized hypnotic technique, together with guided imagery and instruction in self-hypnosis, can help reactivate the mind/body connection each of us were born with. In a short time and with very little effort, life begins to feel normal again—the way Nature intended.

Doctors rely mainly on two treatment options—prescription drugs, many with serious and unpredictable side-effects—and surgery. Both have the potential to cure disease and prolong life, yet neither is without risk. Conversely, while hypnotherapy may never “cure” anything, neither can it cause any harm.

It doesn’t require cutting or removing anything and there are no chemical reactions. In the realm of the Unconscious Mind, such things are not only unnecessary, they are also ineffective. Hypnotherapy—a benign process that uses the power of the spoken word—is all that’s needed and sometimes the only thing that works.

Because autonomic functions are learned behaviors, the most effective choice is training. If proper functioning can be learned again, nothing more needs to be done. In case after case, dysautonomic medical conditions have responded quite well to hypnotherapy, especially where conventional treatment has failed to produce results.

In addition to programs designed specifically for such conditions, additional programs for physical and mental health include weight release, smoking cessation, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety.

There are programs for improving self-esteem and self-confidence, overcoming fears and phobias, and controlling or eliminating destructive or unnecessary habits. The list is almost endless. Chances are, whatever you want to change or improve, hypnotherapy can help.

Remember, only an MD is qualified to diagnose and treat a medical condition. If you are currently being treated for a medical condition, be sure to check with your physician before exploring alternatives.

Programs vary by number of sessions, duration, and cost. For details or to ask questions, please call 415-781-1500 or ask your doctor to call. Inquiries from physicians and other health care professionals are always welcome.

Medical hypnotherapy can help “reactivate” automatic, internal processes that may have become disrupted or confused